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Retain Ring Flanges
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Retain Ring Flanges
Are compact high-pressure joints, in which the flanges are held to the pipe by a "retain ring", a stainless steel ring/spring that sits in a machined groove on the pipe-end. The wide range of flanged fittings range from 1/2" to 12".Additional products to assist the design includes tees, elbows and threaded adaptors.
Applicable scope
  SAE 3000 SAE 6000 ISO 6164
PRESSURE (Bar) 210-350 420 210-690
PIPE SIZE (mm) 26x6-97x12 26x6-66x8.5 60.3x11.04-355.6x41.4
FLANGE SIZE (Inch) 1/2"-3" 1/2"-2" 2"-12"

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