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High quality, clean, environmentally friendly & cost effective non-welding technology
Flupac's advanced non welded piping technology is based around retained flanges, and pipe end preparation machines. All these machines cold work the material, thus the system is inherently clean.
As Flupac's technology does not involve heating or welding, the system is very flexible, fast to install and very reliable compared to conventional welded solutions.
Non welded technology, uses no heat and tubing is all cold drawn, therefore there is no requirement for chemical cleaning, either on site or Offsite. The major benefit to owners is that their equipment can be commissioned earlier.
Flupac utilizes the latest engineering software to ensure that our pipework fabrication is extremely accurate and precise. Flupac can design in either 2D or 3D to give a complete services, where we can review the details with our customers. This will optimize the layout, ease installation and to utilize the least possible number of connections.
As advances in modern machinery continue to develop, the hydraulic system requirements are significantly cleaner than before. Flupac firmly believe that our non-welded piping technology will meet the very exact requirements that tomorrow¡¯s hydraulics systems require.
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