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Flupac is a leading global company offering hydraulic / gas piping solutions. We provide a complete range of services, from < Engineering design >, Material and component selection, through to < prefabrication>, < site installation>, flushing and pressure tests. Flupac can supply complete required documentation packages as required by the specific industry applications, eg Marine / Offshore class standards.

Flupac is dedicated to working with our customers, from the Steel Mill and Automotive land-based Engineering projects through to Offshore and Shipbuilding. We continue to develop our products to meet our customers constantly changing hydraulic/gas requirements.

We are dedicated to ensuring that Flupac is a worldwide global leader in high quality piping solutions.

Flupac was established in 2007, and since its formation, the company has been involved in many < marine new buildings and offshore projects>.

In 2013 Flupac has also provided a solution for Double Wall piping for Natural Gas fueled vessels to meet the market/customer requirement.

Flupac has been the first Double Wall gas piping manufacture in the Chinese market.

We'as a company, have invested in both the training of our dedicated employees, coupled with the continuous improvement industry standard Quality Management System ISO 9001, and have received < ABS Type Approval> for our non-welded products, and we are finalizing the process with DNV, LR, GL along with other Type Approvals.

Flupac being a responsible, focus driven company, the continuous investment in Quality and our personnel will ensure that our customers receive the highest possible technical product, designed to meet our customers' individual needs.

Flupac focuses on ensuring that our products meet your specific individual requirements, however, we are also committed to ensuring energy conservation and protecting our environment.

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